CULTURAL UNIT Cultural department of the college has been very active over the years and has a good name in the University of Mumbai in theatre and other performing arts. Students’ passion and perseverance keep them prepared to participate in various competitions organized by the colleges and university.  Their achievement is marked with prizes, medals and notes of appreciation for their excellent performance. Besides this, the department organizes ‘a cultural festival’ named ‘Changbhala’ which enriches the cultural extravaganza in the college. Changbhala festival culminates with the Annual function at Damodar Hall, Parel. CULTURAL COMMITTEE
1. Prof. Prakash Sawant Chairman
2.      Prof. K. G. Nandela Member
3.      Prof. Pooja Giri Member
4.      General Secretary Member
5.      Ladies Representative Member
6. Class Representative (TYBA) Member