4.4.2 Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities

The College doesn’t have a laboratory as there is no science faculty. Sports complexes are hired on an yearly basis for practice and college level competitions. Indoor games such as chess, carrom and table tennis are held in the college campus. The sports department under the sports in-charge teacher maintains this infrastructure. The college has designed Policy and Procedure for usage and maintenance of physical and academic facilities in 2014 and revised in 2017.

1. Facilities Use Policy:

The allocation of space for usage is decided by the Space allocation and usage committee. Time-Table committee decides classroom scheduling and allocation and usage of classrooms. The classrooms are allocated on the basis of student strength of each class. The class which has enrolled “Divyang” students will be given priority in assigning the classroom which is easily accessible. For activities other than teaching, permission is given to use the classroom so that it should not conflict with academic classes’ schedule. The schedule of laboratory is decided by time-table committee with the help of head of the departments. Administrative office rooms or cabinets assigned to one or more individuals on a regular basis to administrative and support staff by registrar. The space is allotted to Extra and Co-curricular programs on the basis of importance of the activity and number of students participated in it. The college space may be allocated to external users on the basis of need and their request by the Principal. Library space such as study room, stack, open- stack study room, online resource room, and study service according to the usage is allocated by the Librarian. The Sports Facilities usage rules designed by the college. The usage of these facilities are allocated by Physical Director in consultation with Gymkhana committee and the Principal. The equipment such as computers, LCD projector, printers, audio-visual are allotted by the registrar and monitored by computer technician and electrician. The allocation and usage of equipment are decided by the respective heads.

2. Maintenance Policy:

The maintenance of academic and physical facilities is done as per policy. The routine cleaning and maintenance of classroom and physical space is performed regularly according the policy guidelines. Renovation, alteration, and improvement of the existing academic, research, and support facility is decided by the Principal in consultation with concerned head of the program. The requirement for this is made to Management of the college and after their permission the work is carried out. For maintenance of IT infrastructure and Electrical connections and equipments separate full time computer technician and electrician are appointed and they maintain these facilities as per requirement. Computer technician looks after maintenance of IT resources like maintenance of computers and allied parts, printers, software upgradation etc. while Electrician is responsible for replacement or fitting of light tubes, bulbs, switches, MCB boxes. If the problem is major it should be brought to the notice of principal. If maintenance or repairing of equipment is necessary, head of department takes care of this. For major maintenance and repair external technicians are called by head of the department. Proper cost of repair and maintenance is taken from the technician and submitted to the principal. With necessary permissions the maintenance of equipment is carried out. If there is necessity to move equipment out of college campus for repair.