Women Development Cell

Women Development Cell (WDC) Women Development Cell works in the college following the guidelines and directives of University of Mumbai and University Grants Commission. It organizes number of activities and guest lectures to create awareness among the students for gender issues, gender sensitization and gender equality so that girl students would have dignity and respect in the premises and in the community. Popularly known as WDC, this Cell has undertaken many projects and participated in various events organized by the university and other organizations. The work of WDC has been laudable and has proved fruitful not only for students but for teaching and non-teaching staff. WDC Committee: 2016-17
1.       Prin. V. B. Rokade Ex-Officio President
2.       Miss. Mrunalini Gadade Chairman
3.       Dr. A. R. Bhave Sr. Advisory Member
4.       Mrs. A. A. Adivarekar Member
5.       Prof. N. M. Suryawanshi LMC Member
6.       Prof. P. M. Dhengle NSS PO
7.       Nikhil Naringrekar (NSS Leader) Member
8.       Minal Alhat (NSS Leader) Member
9.       Prof. Nileshwari Gaikwad Legal Advisory Member