Final meeting of academic year 2021-22 was conducted in the Principal’s office on 25th April 2022.

Members present (11)

  1. Principal Ashwini Torane Chairperson
  2. Prof. Prakash Sawant Teacher
  3. Prof. Pankaj Pandagale Teacher
  4. Prof. Pramod Dhengle Teacher
  5. Prof. Nagesh Suryawanshi Teacher
  6. Mrs. Sarita Adivrekar Administrative officer
  7. Mr. Prashant Shinde Local society representative
  8. Mr. Rishi Amberkar
  9. Mr. Prabhakar Pasthe Alumni member
  10. Mr. Rishikesh Joshi Stakeholders – Employers
  11. Prof. Shubharaj Buwa, IQAC coordinator

Minutes of the 22nd December 2021 meeting finalised.

There was discussion about new ERP software from MasterSoft to be installed.

It is a comprehensive software and will cover all aspects of college including exam, attendance, NAAC related records etc.

The meeting concluded.